Will Rogers High School is a real high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It is located on 3909 E. 5th Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Besides being an absolutely exquisite art deco building, Will Rogers High School is awesome! It’s the first school to adopt MARKED on their English curriculum (in their diversity and tolerance unit). The teachers are dedicated and talented. The administration is supportive. The students are imaginative and creative. I’d teach there in a heartbeat if I could work it into my crazy schedule. I’ll be returning there to guest speak to classes this semester. Oh, and YES, there is a system underneath the school that is very tunnel-like, as well as a ghost that haunts the place and an amazing tower – perfect for Raven Mocker perching!

History of the School

Will Rogers High School was built by Tulsa Public Schools in 1939. It was named after Will Rogers, who died in 1935 in a plane crash. The school's colors are royal blue and gold, their mascot is a roper and the students are known as the Ropers. On September 21, 2007, the Will Rogers High School building was added to the National Register of Historic Places with national significance.

School Website

The school's official website is
There they have all sorts of information regarding academics, athletics, faculty, and more!

On the House of Night Website


In Tour of Tulsa, the Will Rogers High School is an important place, mostly because the rogue Red Fledglings and their leader, the second male Red Vampyre, Dallas make it their home.

In the House of Night Series


Rephaim is instructed by his father, Kalona, to discover the hiding place of the rouge Red Fledglings. Rephaim does find them, as they are walking into the school building through the front entrance. Rephaim then warns Stevie Rae Johnson, the Red Vampyre he shares an Imprint with, that Dallas, the second male Red Vampyre, has joined the rogue fledglings.


Chapter Twelve

Chapter twelve of Destined is from the Aurox's point of view. Neferet travels with the Aurox to WRHS. There, Neferet talks to an old male security guard about the underground tunnels in the school system. She has Aurox incapacitate the guard and they take his keys and travel to the tunnels. When Neferet and Aurox are at the mouth of the tunnels, she claims she is tired of search for them, slices her arm open, and recites the following incantation: "To the red ones I command you lead me; my blood your payment will be." The Darkness responds to her, lapping up her blood. When the Darkness has finished feeding, she states: "You have fed. I will be led." Neferet and Aurox are led to the Red Fledglings hiding in the high school's tunnels. There is a confrontation between Neferet and Dallas, the only evil, male Red Vampyre. Kurtis is almost killed by Aurox on Neferet's command. Neferet demands the eleven remaining evil red fledglings and single red vampyre to come back to the Tulsa House of Night and resume classes like normal. Neferet plans to use them to create chaos. Neferet then commands Dallas wipe the memory of the old guard and Aurox to vandalize the library and memorabilia.

Known Residents of the WRHS Basement

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