Venus Davis

Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Red (formerly), Blue

Relationship Status:

Formerly taken by Erik Night;
Currently Single


Red Wine

First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Venus Davis was Aphrodite's roomate before dying and un-dying. She has a hateful nature and a love for expensive red wine. She is a Red Fledgling who later hooks up with Erik after he has been dumped by Zoey who finds him too possessive. She is descibed as blond.  



Aphrodite tells Zoey about Venus, her roomate before she rejected the Change, and how she re-named herself in memory of her.  It is revealed that she became a Red Fledgling after she died as she is seen in the tunnels when Zoey came to rescue Heath from the Red Fledglings who wanted to drink Heath's blood and chased after Zoey and Heath.


Venus calls Stevie Rae because the other Red Fledglings are hungry and want something to eat.  Stevie Rae rushes out of there, afraid they will eat people.  

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