Travis Foster





Eye Color:

Brown/Hazel in light




Stable Help at Tulsa House of Night

Relationship Status:

Taken by Lenobia






He is Martin reincarnated (exposed)



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

Lost (mentioned)

Travis Foster is the human hired by Neferet in order to distract Lenobia. He owns a Percheron mare named Bonnie. He is a smoker, as mentioned in Destined. Carrying on some of his parents religious beliefs, he smudges the stables with sage, cleansing the place.


He is described as being incredibly tall and handsome and is said to look as though he is in his early thirties even though he is only thirty-two years old. His eyes are brown and turn hazel in the light.



When he arrives at the House of Night, he immediately takes a liking to Lenobia and appears to be unaffected by her cold, stern behavior, even enjoying it at times. Throughout the ninth book, they share a few conversations which often lead to Travis compliment Lenobia and her becoming uncomfortable and holding him at a distance.

Nearing the end of the book however, he goes to find her and offers her a ride on Bonnie that she accepts. As she climbs off she misjudges the distance from Bonnie's back to the floor and stumbles as Travis catches her in his grasp. The two of them share a passionate kiss which ends in Lenobia running off.


During the horrible stable fire at the beginning of the tenth book, Travis is injured extremely by the smoke and flames. He almost dies but is saved by Lenobia who drags him from the flames. Afterwards she assures him that Bonnie, his mare, is okay and kisses him before the EMTs take him to hospital to treat the smoke inhalation and his burns.

When he returns from the hospital he reunites with Lenobia. As Zoey Redbird watches them kiss, her Seer Stone heats, indicating there is old magic around. Zoey peers through the stone, seeing a sixteen-year-old Lenobia kiss a tall black man, Martin, instead of Travis. As Lenobia and Travis approach her, Zoey tells them what she saw. Lenobia begins to cry tears of joy. This does not surprise Travis and he says "You've known me before. That's why you feel like home to me."

If I have it my way, little missy, you'll be seeing a whole lot of me kissing this pretty girl.
— Travis Foster to Zoey Redbird about Lenobia in Hidden. Page 132.
Travis is my only human mate, my only love, returned to me after two hundred and twenty-four years. I vowed never to love another after him, and I have not. We met and fell in love on the ocean in a ship that carried us from France to New Orleans.
Lenobia to Zoey Redbird about Martin and Travis in Hidden. Page 133.
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