Zoey's Circle

The Nerd Herd in the graphic novel

Nerd Herd is a term Aphrodite LaFont came up with to describe Zoey's group of friends. Ironically, because Aphrodite is a friend of Zoey as well, she's a member of the 'nerd herd' too.


  • Damien Maslin - Damien Maslin is a gay teenager whose parents were more at ease with the idea of his Marking than his sexuality. He has a sunny disposition, until his boyfriend, Jack, was killed by Neferet, and a large vocabulary. He has an affinity for Air.
  • The Twins - Erin Bates and Shaunee Cole are often referred to as being twins, and in fact refer to each other as 'Twin'. They are soul twins, not actual twins, as Erin is a white girl from Oklahoma and Shaunee is a mocha-skinned girl from Connecticut. They seem to share a brain, though, and often finish each others sentences. Erin has an affinity for Water, and Shaunee has an affinity for Fire. In the Hidden Epilogue, Erin joins Dallas and rejects the change.
  • Jack Twist - Jack Twist was roommates with Erik Night, but once Erik completed the Change, he was left alone. After Stark died, Jack was the one who adopted Duchess. He was good with technology (some said he had an affinity to Modern Day Technology) and was the A/V person for the Circle. Jack was killed in Awakened by Neferet as a sacrifice to Darkness.
  • Stevie Rae Johnson - Stevie Rae Johnson was roommates with Zoey Redbird, but once she 'died' (became a Red Fledgling) they were no longer room-mates, but she comes back and they are yet again room-mates. She lived in Oklahoma and was a country girl and automaticaly became best-friends with Zoey because of her 'peppy' attitude. She is in a relationship with Rephaim. She has a strong affinity for Earth, and was replaced by Aphrodite for the circle, but Aphrodite sacrificed her humanity and she rejoiined the circle. Aphrodite also nicknamed her Bumpkin, and she sorts out diputes within the gang.
  • Shaylin Ruede- Shaylin Ruede is the first ever fledgling to be Marked Red. After Erin's betrayal, Shaylin replaces her as the Water personification in the circle; thus becoming a member of the 'nerd herd'.
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