Dark Daughters Full Moon Ritual

The Dark Daughters and Sons is an organization at almost every House of Night. Only the most gifted and talented "premier" fledglings are chosen to be a member of it. The leader of the Dark Daughters is considered a High Priestess-in-training. The Dark Daughters and Sons used to be two separate groups as seen in the novella Dragon's Oath.

The organization's symbol is the symbol of the Triple Goddess, two back-to-back moons against a full moon. The Dark Daughters' leader wears a silver pendant of the symbol which is encrusted with garnets and is mentored by the school's High Priestess. Each Dark Daughter and Son has a similar necklace, except their's doesn't have garnets.

The Dark Daughters at the Tulsa House of Night


This is the chalice used in the Dark Daughter rituals.

In Marked

The Dark Daughters and Sons of the Tulsa House of Night hold their many Spells and Rituals in the Recreational Hall. These rituals are invitation only. Aphrodite LaFont was the leader of the Dark Daughters when Zoey Redbird was Marked. Neferet encourages Aphrodite to invite Zoey Redbird to a ritual to "be kind." When Zoey arrives, the Daughters and Sons preform a ritual on the night of the full moon. As a closing ceremony, everyone drinks from a goblet containing wine. Or, so Zoey thought it was just wine. Zoey loves the drink so much, she can't even identify where before she has smelt it or tasted it before. After the ritual, someone informs Zoey that the wine was mixed with fledgling blood. To be exact, fellow fledgling Elliott's blood. Zoey runs from the rec hall and pukes by The East Wall. Later, Zoey and her friends figure out why Aphrodite didn't tell Zoey the wine was mixed with blood--to scare her off. Zoey insisted she mustn't be scared off by a little blood and tells Neferet she enjoyed the meeting and will become a member of the Dark Daughters and Sons.

On October 31st, Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) night, the Dark Daughters sneak out of the House of Night through a trap door in The East Wall. Erik Night insists that the professors will allow it as long as nothing bad happens. The groups heads over to the Philbrook Museum to perform their ritual. Aphrodite calls spirits, but doesn't define if the spirits should be good or bad. Evil, dark spirits start to form just as Zoey's ex boyfriend, Heath Luck shows up. The spirits attack Heath and everyone freezes. Suddenly, Zoey's friends appear, attempting to fix the circle. Zoey runs into action, calling forth her elements and banishing the spirits. As the spirits disappear, Zoey feels a tingly warm feeling down her face, neck, and shoulders. Everyone keeps saying things like "they're so beautiful" and "wow, they're amazing!" Zoey is really confused, but when the circle is closed, Erin Bates hands her a mirror to show Zoey the brand new tattoos Nyx has gifted her with! As Zoey yells at Aphrodite about how she is no longer the leader of the Dark Daughters, Neferet appears. Neferet publicly reprimands Aphrodite, telling her she has known all along how foolish and selfish she had been, but just hoped she would change soon. Neferet rips the leader necklace from the neck of Aphrodite and places it in Zoey's hand, along with the leadership position of the Dark Daughters.

In Betrayed

Zoey Redbird is now leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons. She wants to change the system for good, placing power in the hands of the people. She comes up with new leadership ideas and plans.

I want to change the Dark Daughters. I think it needs a foundation--some clear rules and guidelines. Not just to join, but once you're in there should be standards. You shouldn't be given a free pass to be as big a jerk as you want to be, and still get the privilege of being a Dark Daughter or Son. I like the way this private school Kent runs their student leadership program. 'The Senior Council and Perfect System is an integral part of life at Kent. These students are chosen as leaders who vow to be role models and to manage all aspects of student life at Kent.' There are several different Perfects, and they are elected to each yearly Council by votes of the students and the faculty, but the final choice is made by the Headmaster--which would be Neferet-- and the Senior Perfect. It also says every May new Council members are 'Tapped' as possible appointees for the next school year, and there's a big service held to celebrate. Sounds like a new ritual Nyx would approve of. I want the Dark Daughters to stand for more than just a social group. I want them to set examples--do the right things. So I thought that each of us would have to sweat to up hold five ideals representing each of the five elements. The Dark Daughters and Sons should swear to be authentic for air, faithful for fire, wise for water, empathetic for earth, and sincere for spirit.
Zoey Redbird's ideas (condensed) for the new Dark Daughters in Betrayed. Page 32-33.

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In Chosen

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Selection of Members

  • Leaders
  • Regular Members
    • Most members are fifth and six formers (exceptions made with younger formers when they are extremely talented)
    • Most members are extremely talented or gifted in some aspect (ex: acting, singing, have an affinity, etc.)

Known Members at the Tulsa House of Night

Under Aphrodite LaFont's Leadership

Under Zoey Redbird's Leadership

From the House of Night Website

The Dark Daughters and Sons is the House of Night’s premier fledgling organization. Its members are the best and brightest of our school and set the standard for the other fledglings. The Leader of the Dark Daughters is chosen because Nyx has gifted her with extraordinary powers. This young woman is considered a High Priestess in Training and has the added responsibility of both performing monthly rituals dedicated to Nyx and leading the fledgling members in the rituals. The Leader of the Dark Daughters is mentored by the High Priestess of the House of Night, who takes special interest in her development. Membership in the Dark Daughters and Sons is by exclusive invitation only. The symbol for the Dark Daughters is the traditional symbol for the Triple Goddess: two crescent moons back-to-back against a full moon. The Leader of the Dark Daughters wears a silver pendant with the symbol, a full moon encrusted with garnets.