What Skylar may have looked like

Skylar was Neferet's fat orange tabby cat. It later left her side and chose Aurox in Redeemed.


Skylar is a large, orange cat with green eyes.


He is described as being "a terrible bully" who chases all the other cats away from Neferet's quarters on campus. While he is a terror, Neferet has admitted that she truly does love him.

In Hidden, Neferet herself knows that Skylar doesn't trust her anymore and knows the evil she has become. "[He] lurks in the shadows of the House of Night and watch[es] her knowingly with his large, green eyes."

In Redeemed, the cat chooses Aurox and leaves Neferet's side because she became an evil psychopath.


Skylar is introduced early in Marked, right when Neferet is showing Zoey Redbird around campus. After Chosen, there is no mention of Skylar, until Destined, where the White Bull mentions him to Neferet as a possible sacrifice to control Aurox. Neferet says she feels ill at the thought and find another "beast" to sacrifice. In Hidden, it is revealed that he refused to relocate to Neferet's apartment at the Mayo.