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A Seer Stone is a special piece of Skye marble. In Awakened, Queen Sgiach gives Zoey Redbird her Seer Stone that Seoras MacUallis found on his Shamanic quest almost five hundred years ago.


  • It is normal for a High Priestess to faint the first time she uses the power of a Seer Stone, especially if she is unprepared for it.
  • A Seer Stone is a magick finder when used by a High Priestess with the right kind of power.
  • A Seer Stone is only in tune with the most ancient of magicks: the kind Queen Sgiach protects on her isle.


She lifted the delicate chain over her head and held it up at my eye level. Hanging from the silver was a perfectly round milk-colored stone that was smooth and soft and reminded me of a coconut-flavor Life Saver. The torches that the Warriors had begun to light flickered against the stone's surface, making it glisten.
Zoey Redbird about Queen Sgiach's seer stone in Awakened. Page 160.

When Zoey Redbird First Looks Into a Seer Stone

I was thinking about how pretty it looked when it twisted gently on the chain and my gaze was pulled to the perfect circle in the center. The world narrowed and faded away around me as my entire being became focused on the hole in the stone because for an instant I caught a glimpse of the room through the hole. The room was gone! Fighting a wave of nauseating vertigo, I stared through the seer stone at what had looked like an undersea world. Figures floated and flitted around, all in hues of turquoise and topaz, crystal and sapphire. I thought I saw wings and fins and long, swirling cascades of drifting hair. Mermaids? Or are they sea monkeys? I have utterly lost my mind, was my last thought before I lost my battle with dizziness and ended up flat on my back on the floor.
Zoey Redbird about looking into the seer stone in Awakened. Pages 161-162.



Zoey begins to realize that the Seer Stone will glow and heat up when old magick is around. She feels it heat up whenever she is in the presence of Aurox. She is frightened to look into the stone because she is afraid of what she will find. But when she looks into the stone during the ritual performed at the end of the book, she sees Heath Luck's soul inside the Aurox. She's not sure what it means, but is determined to find out.


During the horrible stable fire at the beginning of the tenth book, Travis is injured extremely by the smoke and flames. He almost dies but is saved by Lenobia who drags him from the flames. Afterwards she assures him that Bonnie, his mare, is okay and kisses him before the EMTs take him to hospital to treat the smoke inhalation and his burns.

When he returns from the hospital he reunites with Lenobia. As Zoey Redbird watches them kiss, her Seer Stone heats up, indicating there is old magic around. Zoey peers through the stone, seeing a sixteen-year-old Lenobia kiss a tall black man, Martin, instead of Travis. As Lenobia and Travis approach her, Zoey tells them what she saw. Lenobia begins to cry tears of joy. This does not surprise Travis and he says "You've known me before. That's why you feel like home to me."

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