A Red Vampyre is a Red Fledgling that has completed the Change. Before becoming a Red Fledgling at all, they must die. His or her body must reject the Change. It is unknown how they were resurrected, but it was certainly done by Neferet. Their final Change into a mature Red Vampyre is closely linked to the choice of good over evil.

Red vampyres feel more at home under the ground during sunlight and moonlight. They also "sleep like the dead" when the sun is up. When they are feeding on blood, their eyes glow red and can only feed on human blood. In the Other World, when Red vampyres and fledglings' bites a human, the human will die in three days and rise again as Red zombies if their bodies are not burned or beheaded. In the Other World, regular red vampyres can't concentrate on anything except feeding, so they can't control minds. Other World Red vampyres also smell really bad.


As an adult vampyre, some are able to reach into peoples minds and:

  • Alter memories
  • Wipe memories away
  • Place false memories in place of the altered/deleted memories


  • Red vampyres are unable to go into sunlight without burning
  • If a red vampyre is in the sun too long, they will burn up and die
  • If a red vampyre is not invited into a home, they cannot enter
  • If a red vampyres invitation into a home is rescinded, they are thrown from the home and in much pain

Known Red Vampyres

Known Red Vampyres Who Have Chosen Good

Known Red Vampyres Who Have Chosen Evil

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