Queen Tsi Sgili is a Cherokee witch who has the power to kill with their mind, the power to feed off death, and is a powerful psychic.  Queen Tsi Sgili's name is introduced in Untamed when Aphrodite LaFont has a vision. In this vision, Aphrodite reads a poem and she has the feeling she needs to write it down. Zoey and Aphrodite realize later that the handwriting is not Aphrodite's, even though she was the one who wrote it down. The poem is as follows:

Ancient one sleeping, waiting to arise
When earth's power bleeds sacred red

The mark strikes true; Queen Tsi Sgili will devise
He shall be washed from his entombing bed

Through the hand of the dead he is free
Terrible beauty, monstrous sight
Ruled again they shall be
Women shall kneel to his dark might

Kalona's song sounds sweet
As we slaughter with cold heat

Zoey Redbird recognizes the handwriting the Aphrodite wrote down, it's her grandmother's!
The girls call Zoey's grandma to ask if she would recognize the poem. Sylvia does not recognize the poem, but she does recognize the words "Queen Tsi Sgili" and "Kalona." Grandma insists on lighting the smudge pot before they speak any more about the creatures Aphrodite has discovered with her poem. She insists Zoey light a smudge stick as well. Sylvia then begins to tell the stories of Queen Tsi Sgili and Kalona.  At first they were unsure of who was Queen Tsi Sgili, but they thought that one of the other Red Fledglings or maybe even Stevie Rae was possibly it.  They also definitely knew that Neferet could definitely be it as she is a powerful psychic.  It is later revealed at the end of Untamed that Neferet was Queen Tsi Sgili when she whispered it to Zoey and later killed Shekinah with her mind. In Revealed, Neferet heard an old woman singing a song about the poem of the Queen Tsi Sgili in a flashback.


Now keep the pot close to you while you listen carefully to me. First, you should know that the Tsi Sgili are Cherokee witches, only do not be deceived by the title 'witch.' They do not follow the peaceful, beautiful ways of Wicca. Nor are they the wise priestesses you know and respect who serve Nyx. A Tsi Sgili lives as an outcast, separate from the tribe. They are evil, through and through. They delight in killing; they revel in death. They have magical powers granted through the fear and pain of their victims. They feed on death. They can torture and kill with the ane li sgi. It means they are powerful psychics and can kill with their minds.

Sylvia then states she has never heard of a Queen Tsi Sgili. She says that they are solitary beings and have no hierarchy.
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