The Prohibition-era Tunnels are the tunnels underneath Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is where every Red Fledgling goes after they have been resurrected by Neferet.

In Betrayed

Zoey Redbird knows this is where all of the undead fledglings are hiding--including her beloved, undead best friend, Stevie Rae Johnson. When Heath Luck, Zoey's human boyfriend, is captured by the humanity lacking, undead fledglings, she knows where she must go and what she must do to save his life. Heath and Zoey get out alive, but not without a death. Undead fledgling Elizabeth No Last Name tried to attack Heath and angered Zoey, so Zoey had to kill her.

In Chosen

The tunnels are mentioned, but there are no visitations made by main character Zoey Redbird.

In Untamed

This is where Zoey, her friends, and the red fledglings run to hide from Kalona and Neferet.

In Hunted

These tunnels become a safe place for Zoey, her friends, and the red fledglings to hide after Kalona is released from his earth prison by Neferet. Zoey and a few select others are forced to go back to the Tulsa House of Night to keep Zoey alive from the attack from a Raven Mocker.

In Tempted

This is where the the rouge Red Fledglings are living. They attempt to kill Stevie Rae Johnson and fail.

In Burned

Known Residents of the Prohibition-era Tunnels

Additional Residents in Hunted

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