It is simple and complicated. Simple because the sprites agree to a payment for a service. When it’s something like they just did - a specific task for a specific service - all is usually well. It’s when the payment isn’t rendered immediately that you can get into trouble, and by trouble I mean soul-deep, often deadly trouble.
— Other Anastasia explaining Old Magick in, “Lost”.

Old Magick is a primordial magick greater than any other. It is that is neutral, it is power at its rawest. It is shaped by the intent of the High Priestess who wields it. If her motives are not completely altruistic, chaos will be the result. A High Priestess has to banish all negative emotions: fear, anger, selfishness, vindictiveness, hatred, annoyance and frustration to be able to command and control Old Magick.

This form of magick has a volatile nature and a High Priestess can only tell another High Priestess what not to do. In order for its power to work to balance and not corrupt, it must be commanded by a Priestess who is neither an aggressor nor a victim. Her intent must be pure and it can't be vindictive or destructive. Old Magick is one of the most powerful, dangerous and unpredictable magicks. How it manifests has a lot to do with the Priestess who calls it to her. The Seer Stone is not the only conduit for Old Magick, the tendrils of Darkness is also a conduit for Old Magick; they are too base and too raw to be anything but connected to the Ancient Powers of Light and Darkness. As long as there is Old Magick, there you will find the Fey.

Known Users


  • The Black and White Bulls are manifestations of Old Magick.
  • Damien theorized that the five Major Rituals all had roots in Old Magick.
  • According to Thanatos, Old Magick is creation and destruction at once.
  • Old Magick has the power to set the balance between Light and Darkness.
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