An Oath Sworn Warrior , also known as Oathbound Warrior, is a male vampyre, blue or red, that offers to swear themselves into the protection of his High Priestess or Priestess for a lifetime. The bond between an Oath-sworn warrior and his High Priestess is more intimate than an Imprint, and more lasting than even that of a relationship with a mate. A Warrior's spirit becomes intertwined with his High Priestess. A Warrior can sense the needs and emotions of their protected, allowing them to know when their charge is in danger. The Oath of a Warrior is to be treated only with the upmost respect and solemnity. It is never to be given or accepted lightly because it is a life-altering bond.

Known Oath Sworn Warriors

Stark, a Red Fledgling at the time, swore himself to Zoey in the field house next to the horse stables in Hunted. After he swore himself, he completed the Change into the second Red Vampyre but the first male one.

Rephaim, a Raven Mocker and the first son of Kalona, is saved by Stevie when severely injured and the two develop a strong bond. They also establish an Imprinting for each other and with time they fall in love. He renounces to the path of Darkness he was born into for her and Nyx allows him to have a human form during the night and be a raven during the day. He and Stevie are currently at the Chicago House of Night where she is the High Priestess.

Darius asked for Zoey Redbird's blessing before he asked to be swore to Aphrodite, because he considered her to be the group's High Priestess at the time. Aphrodite became very emotional when he asked and gladly accepted his oath.

Kalona originally pledged himself to Nyx, and some would consider him to be the first Oath Sworn Warrior ever. However, he was banished from the Otherworld, Nyx's realm, for loving her too much. The story between Kalona and Nyx is explored in the novel Kalona's Fall.

Kalona pledged himself to Thanatos after Zoey Redbird and her group found out what happened to Zoey's mom.

Alexander pledged himself to Neferet when their carriage was attacked by thieves. Neferet accepted, but it took her a day to regret her decision.


  • An Oath Sworn Warrior must be a fully Changed vampyre.
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