What Mujaji may look like

Mujaji is Lenobia's solid black Quarter Horse residing at the Tulsa House of Night horse stables.


Mujaji is a jet-black Quarter Horse mare of unknown age.



She first appears when he is being petted by Lenobia. She is only mentioned after that, and it is revealed that she is Lenobia's favorite horse.


She is first seen in Lenobia's mind, panic-stricken over an unknown cause. Lenobia quiets her, only to realize the mare was distressed because of a fire that had been started by Neferet. She is again seen protecting and soothing the herd afer the stables catch fire.


  • She is one of Lenobia's familiars, the other being her cat, a Siamese.
  • She is also the Alpha Female of the herd of horses at the Tulsa Stables.
  • Lenobia shares a special connection with Mujaji because of her Goddess-given Affinity.
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