Linda Redbird Heffer





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Married to John Heffer


Sylvia Redbird (mother)
Zoey Redbird (daughter)
Kevin Heffer (son)
Barbara Heffer
John Heffer (husband)







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Linda Heffer is the mother of the main character Zoey Redbird. She married John Heffer three years before the start of the series. Ever since her marriage to John Heffer, an elder of The People of Faith, it is said that she started caring more about her appearance and John than her children. In Chosen, her mother, Sylvia Redbird, pointed out that she never liked to think for herself and had always had other people, usually a man, think for her. Linda supported John in pressuring Zoey to give up her Vampyre lifestyle. When Zoey refused, Linda stood by John's decision to disown Zoey.



Linda first appears when Zoey announces she is Marked as a Fledgling. When Linda is told about Zoey's marking, she becomes afraid of what John Heffer, the "step-loser", would think about it. John is then proven to be against this because he is afraid of what people might think and refuses Zoey to go to the House of Night.  Linda sides and agrees with her husband.   


Linda appears during parent visitation day with John and John states that he hates Vampyres.  John also says that he is against the idea of worshipping a Goddess.  Neferet stands up to him and stands her ground which makes John storms out with Linda following like the obedient wife she is.   


Linda discovers that her husband cheated on her with his secretary four years ago. Before she could reconcile with Zoey, Neferet killed her as a sacrifice to Darkness to make her vessel, Aurox. Linda is welcomed in the Otherworld by Nyx and Zoey finally learns that her mother truly loved her.


Linda is shown to be a caring, yet easily swayed, mother. When first told that Zoey had a problem in the book Marked, she showed uttermost compassion and kindness towards her daughter. However, when she saw the mark she acted like everyone else who had previously seen the mark and become afraid. When John had found out about the mark, she stood by his decision of refusing Zoey to go to the House of Night, showing that she is easily swayed with the higher powers ideals. She is shown to be thankful towards the help that John had given her and her family home and money to take care of themselves with, so it seems that her loyalty to John in return of everything went a far enough into idolizing him.

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