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Cut geometrically into a short poof on her head, and half is dyed bright orange.

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Poet Laureate
Prophetess of Nyx
Poetry professor at the Tulsa House of Night
High Priestess at the Tulsa House of Night
High Priestess at the Chicago House of Night

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Neferet, Darkness




Writing prophecies in the form of poems


Tulsa House of Night



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Kramisha is a Red Vampyre. She was introduced in Hunted. She is the only African American Red Fledgling. She is gifted, by Nyx, the power to write prophecies in the form of poems. She quickly forms a bond with the Twins. She is nominated the group's Poet Laureate. Before Kramisha died she was a sixth former. She also helped save Zoey in Burned. She first found out about her gift in Hunted.

Kramisha's Poems

Poems in Hunted

Shadows in shadows
He watches through
Wings black as Africa
Body strong as stone
Done waiting
The ravens call.

Eyes watching always
Shadows in shadows they wait
A black feather falls
First accepted, loved
Then betrayed - spit in the face
Vengeance sweet like dots

They done
Like ink from a busted pen
Thrown away 'cause of someone else
Used up
But he comes back
Dressed in night
Fine as a king
With his queen
The wrong
Made right
So right

What once bound him
Will make him flee
Place of power - joining of five
Joined not to conquer,
Instead to ovvercome
Night leads to Spirit
Blood binds Humanity
And Earth completes.

She comes back
Through blood by blood
She returns
Cut deep now
Like me
Humanity saves her
Will she save me?

Poems in Burned

The Red One steps into the Light
girded loins for her part in
the apocalyptic fight.
Darkness hides in different forms
see beyond shape, color, lies
and the emoitional storms.
Ally with him; pay with your heart
though trust cannot be given
unless the Darkness you part.
See with the soul and not your eyes
because to dance with beasts you
must penetrate their disguise.

A double-edged sword
One side destroys
One releases
I am your Gordian knot
Will you release or destroy me?
Follow truth and you shall:
Find me on water
Purify me through fire
Trapped by earth nevermore
Air will whisper to you
What Spirit already knows:
That even shattered
anything is possible
If you believe
Then we shall both be free.

Poems in Awakened

Beasts can be beautiful
Dreams become desires
Reality changes with reason
Trust your truth
Man . . . monster . . . mystery . . . magick
Hear with your heart
see without scorn
Love will not lose
Trust his truth
His promise is proof
The test is time
Faith frees
If there is courage to change.

You must tell your heart
The cloak of secrets smothers
Freedom: his to choose

Poems in Destined

The dividing line forms - fashioned from:
Dragon's tears
Missed years
Overcome fears
The fire and ice paradox
Seen with True Sight
Darkness does not always equate to evil
Light does not always bring good.

Poems in Hidden

Ancient mirror
Magick mirror
Shades of gray
Within, away
Part the mist
Magick kissed
Call the fey
Reveal the past
The spell is cast
I save the day!


Kramisha has a straight-to-the-point attitude and is serious about getting things done. She forms bonds with other people rather well and is a supportive friend when needed to be. She also uses her powers to get into people's minds and get them to do what ever she wants, but she does so for her goddess and to carry out her goddess’ will.

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