Jesse Biddle was the sheriff of the human population of St. Louis in the year 1833. He was known to dislike the vampyre population, including both Blue Fledgling and Blue Vampyre. He held a special dislike for Dragon Lankford.

Biddle held a creature he didn't know the origins of in a silver cage in his jailhouse, but he knew it was powerful. He thought he could harness the power of it to defeat the vampyres. He had received it from a dying Indian Shaman who told him how to kill it, but Biddle decided that he wouldn't listen to a 'old, dead Injun's orders'. He was then told by the creature that to keep his power he had to kill Anastasia, the vampyre Dragon loved.

Biddle broke into a Dark Daughter ritual, broke their spell, and forced them off of the island they were using. The girls felt tainted after his 'hot and heavy gaze' had fallen on each of them. The darkness he had been weilding had fallen on each of the girls, but a smudging from Anastasia had them all feeling 'lighter'. His interference caused the Tower Grove Council to fight with each other for a bit before settling on how to solve the issue.

When Anastasia was sent to cast a peace spell near the jailhouse, Dragon accompanied her for protection. The creature tells Biddle that she is outside and tells him to kill her. He decided to kill Dragon, and even though the creature warned him not to get distracted, he ignored the creature in his arrogance.

He appeared in front of Dragon, who noted that Biddle looked skinny and like he could be snapped easily, when he struck with an inhuman speed and strength. He knocked Dragon's sword away and grabbed him around the throat, proceeding to suffocate him after telling Dragon he was going to rape Anastasia.

Anastasia threw herself at Biddle, trying to free Dragon, but it only gave him the opportunity he needed to try and grab her. After a little grappling, he grabbed her and brought her into the jailhouse. She eventually break free after throwing salt in his eyes. After she calls on Earth to protect her, the two talk. Anastasia eventually sees that he understands and regrets what he has done when Dragon kills him.