What Guinnevere may have looked like

Guinevere is a little white cat owned by Professor Anastasia Lankford.  Her mate is Shadowfax, Dragon's cat.



She is one of the cats waiting in Zoey Redbird's room which was a sign that Professor Anastasia Lankford was on their side and mentally fighting the power of Kalona.


When her vampyre, Anastasia, dies, Guinevere mourns her death very much and attempts to throw herself into the funeral pyre to burn with Anastasia's body. Her vampyre's mate, Professor Dragon Lankford, cradles her in his arms while he mourns as well.


She curls up besides Shadowfax's motionless body after Neferet sacrificed him to the Darkness. Guinevere dies of a broken heart there besides her mate.


  • Her name means "fair, white," like the color of her fur.