Elliot is introduced in Marked as a Blue Fledgling attending the Tulsa House of Night. He is one of those kids who sits in the back of class and does nothing. After Stevie Rae Johnson Changes into the first Red Vampyre, he regains his humanity back and is part of the gang. He later joined the Rogue Red Fledglings.  



He first appears on Zoey Redbird's first day of school, when he is being reprimanded by Professor Penthesilea. He is also the "refrigerator", or fledgling who is used for blood, at Zoey's first Dark Daughters and Sons ritual.  A few days later, his body rejects the Change. Afterwards, Zoey sees a resurrected Elliot and he attacks her, but her cat Nala scares him off.   Zoey thinks she just imagined seeing him or she is seeing ghosts. 


He appears when Zoey is walking outside when she notices Elliott talking to Neferet.  Elliott then feeds from Neferet while Zoey secretly watches.  He also appears when Zoey goes to the tunnels to rescue Heath from the red fledglings.  He wants to feed from Heath, but due to be Imprinted with Zoey, his blood smells wrong to other vampyres and fledglings. 


He appears at the end of Untamed when all of the red fledglings come to the House of Night and help Zoey and the gang escape from Kalona and Neferet


He appears with the other red fledglings and is introduced by Stevie Rae during the introductions


He is mentioned by Zoey to have gone to sleep already. 


He and Kurtis watched as Dallas was beheaded and was cast into the country, far away from any vampyre where they will reject the Change and die.

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