This is real life Bonnie and proud owner P.C. Cast!

Bonnie is a Percheron mare belonging to Travis Foster, a human hired by Neferet to "help out" in the stables in Destined. Lenobia simply adores her. Bonnie is a little over five years old and is a very big horse, "easily over eighteen hands." (Lenobia, Destined, Page 73.)


Many may call her a dinosaur, but really, she is a very large horse. She is 18.2 hands (roughly 72.8 inches) tall. Her coloring is gray/white, with many spots. Bonnie can run very, very fast for a horse her size, surprising Lenobia.


Lenobia seems to notice that even in new environments, Bonnie can be calm and confident enough to stay well behaved. She is a very big girl with a very big heart.

From the P.C. Cast Blog!

As many of you know, much of what I write is based on the "real" world - and the fabulous Percheron mare introduced in DESTINED is a prime example of this. Travis's Bonnie is really my Bonnie. She's 18.2 hands and does remind me of a dinosaur (a lovely one, though!). Bonnie is broke to ride, but her primary job is driving.
P.C. Cast on her blog![1]


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