The Amazons were a vampyre coven of vampyre priestesses that chose to live separately from all men. They lived in an isolated settlement called the Spring of Thermodon, off the coast of the Black Sea and high in a rugged mountain range. They lived in Asia Minor, what is known today as Turkey. Hippolyte and Penthesilia are two known Amazon Queens.


The priestesses there lived in utter freedom. They continued to be faithful in their worship of Nyx and never answered to anyone except Hippolyte, who they chose to call Queen instead of High Priestess. They were expert equestrians and fearless warriors who dedicated themselves to the training in the arts of archery and the use of the deadly double-sided battle axe. Legend says they even tamed the majestic tigers of Asia Minor. They did not hate men, they simply wanted to be live free, on their terms, owing allegiance only to Nyx and their Queen. They chose to their own warriors, workers, helpmates and companions.

The Amazons became known and caught the attention of the Hellenistic Greeks who could not bear the thought of women existing without men. The Greek king Eurytheses sent the great hero Herakles to steal Hippolyte's golden breastplate and the Greeks planned to let the Amazons strike the first blow, then slaughter them all in retaliation. Herakles and his men made it to Thermodon and were surprised when he was graciously welcomed by the Amazons. A banquet feast was held for the guests and they danced and sang, celebrating with an unrestrained joy that intrigued Herakles and his men. After Herakles and his men left Thermodon, Hippolyte came to the other Amazons and believed the Greeks would not be satisfied to leave them in peace once her rejection of Herakles became public knowledge. They left Thermodon and disappeared into the wilderness of Asia Minor.


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